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Workshops on Internet diaries and questionnaire results 15-16 April

Presentation about Workshop activities Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 April: 

  • Follow up on the Innovatum Science Park activities about the future of the Internet,
  • Reflect upon personal internet use according to the diaries the participants filled in before the meeting,
  • Discuss the results of the SIFA Project questionnaire before the meeting in Sweden
  • Discuss internet privacy and how accessible your personal information is to others after watching the Buzz Feed video
  • Continue the group work on the final product


During the week all of the students worked in workshops. The students were divided in four groups with one student from each country in each group.

The aim of the workshop is to present facts and reflections on the given topic to the other students and the product they were to make was a selfmade video/photostory on the given topic.

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