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Computer stretch exercise

After the meeting in Norway, the school nurse and the health team held lectures and taught “ the  Computer exercise stretch” to students and staff at the Fridagymnasiet. The health theme in connection to the daily use of computers were stressed during many lessons and expecially during the PE- Physical Education lessons. At the Fridagymnasiet we focus on exercise to get a healthy balance between the online school work on the computer  and working out or doing physical exercise. iPads and Mobile phones are used for scavenger hunts and orienteering in the surrounding nature so the computers and being online is also used during PE.


Oseana and Oselvarverkstedet

Friday for lunch we went to Oseana, the culture house in Os. After lunch we had a tour and information about Oseana and the art gallery in Oseana. The gallery shows paintings of Norwegian and Swedish and some other painters, including the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.

After this we walked to Oselvarverkstedet. This is a place where they make a boat called the Oselvar. This is Norway's national boat. We had a lecture about the history of this boat and we got to see the workshop where they make the boats.


Meeting with eKoordinators

Thursday all of the teachers went to Langhaugen vgs to meet with th eKoordinators in the region. In Hordaland county each school has an eKoordinator which is the person in the school who is responsible for teaching teachers and other staff about different software used in the schools. The eKoordinators are run by ePedagogs who are responsible for the schools in their region and follow up what needs to be done.

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